Visión Global y Desarrollo de Negocios Alternativos, S.C.
“Building the foundation where your business wants to be”

Placing specific projects or products in the markets, providing the most revenue (geographically or by sector)

  • Activities:
      • Market Analysis - Determining the market segment in which the product or service should be. The analysis is done with a statistical foundation, including control and qualitative interpretation variables. Internal variables and associated processes are reviewed to identify opportunities.
      • Product Analysis - Validation of the product or service which will be incorporated in relation to the defined objective segment or market. This analysis can be done in one or two phases, in consideration of the marketing processes involved.
      • Channels - We Identify, Analyze, Select and Develop the proper distribution channel for the products and services in question. The market research is done looking into different databases to provide the best prospects, by specialty as well as financial solidity.
      • Positioning Plan - After making the correspondent adjustment in the business processes and controlling the variables, we deliver the specific positioning plan being able to support the company during the whole process in order to reach the results in an effective form.
      • Security Analysis - We value the companies’ security elements taking into consideration the people, facilities and information, showing where the levels are located in. The services include Diagnosis, Recommendations, Implementation, Certification and Follow Up of the issues linked to security.